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7 Best Cancer-Fighting Foods to Reduce Cancer Risk

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Caring for Your Spirit While Battling Cancer

As a cancer patient, there is a lot on your plate: treatment, reactions, and medical appointments. You may be so overwhelmed that you’ve forgotten to care for your spirit. Just as your doctors provide treatment for your cancer, you need to provide self-care for your inner being as well.

Helping a Loved One Going Through Cancer Treatment

When someone you love has cancer, you have to put aside your own feelings of discomfort and be there for them. As tough as it is watching a friend or family member battle the disease, it is 100 times worse for the person actually going through it.

Nutritional Tips During Your Cancer Journey

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After Cancer Treatment-Exercise!

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Budget-Friendly Self-Gifts to Encourage Well-Being During Cancer Treatment

Having cancer changes your life tremendously, and along with the physical trial, at times you can feel a gamut of emotions — exhaustion, sadness, confusion, and anger, just to name a few. Treatment is a difficult journey, but there are things you can do to help you feel good and maintain your well-being. Here are…
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Sweet Potato Soup for the Soul

Now that the temperature is slowly starting to drop, the urge to reach for comfort foods is strong. Even if you live in an area where winter is more like spring, warm food just has a way of brightening any day. Of course, whether you have been recently diagnosed with cancer, are currently going through…
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For Seniors: Making Your Mental Health a Priority After the Loss of Your Spouse

A few months ago, my husband’s mom passed away. She had cancer and spent her final days in hospice. I must admit watching my father-in-law deal with the loss has been truly eye-opening. My mother-in-law not only did most of their cooking and cleaning, but managed their finances as well. We’ve been helping my father-in-law…
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Caring for Yourself with Cancer: Self-Care and Spiritual Wellness Advice

A Cancer Diagnoses Being diagnosed with cancer will rock your entire world. Knowing it is the second leading cause of death in the United States, suddenly everything you loved and perhaps took for granted is in jeopardy. Having cancer can feel like a trespasser has invaded your life and you don’t know if it will…
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Life After Cancer: What You Need When Treatment Ends

You beat cancer. There’s probably no more comforting or reassuring statement than hearing a doctor say that your cancer is in remission. If you’ve been fighting a long battle, these words may come with a huge exhale of relief. Even though there is plenty of reason to smile and celebrate, you still have much to…
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